Gifts of abundance.

On Thursday afternoon, I found myself staring hopelessly at the crispers of our two refrigerators in the bunkhouse. “Virginia,” I hollered to my housemate, with whom I share a name, “how the fuck am I supposed to fit all of this in here?!” I had just picked up our two CSA shares, and I had … Continue reading


When I decided to start writing this blog, I imagined it as part farm blog, part food blog, but I have hardly written about what I’m cooking at all. Part of that is because I’ve really been cooking relatively little since I got here, much less than I expected considering my love of good food. … Continue reading


Now that I have allowed myself to get excited about spring, Nature has taken to practical joking. It seems that whenever I have to do silage in the morning, it is bitterly cold, my fingers going numb while I wrestle with several hundred pounds of hay, and for April Fools, they were predicting a Nor’easter … Continue reading

Spring Fever.

Spring has arrived in force! I spent last week at home in Pennsylvania, and when I got back, the farm had been transformed—I left in the midst of an ice storm which almost kept me from catching my train, but now, only a week later, nearly all the snow has melted, revealing the pastures and … Continue reading